Immune system

Our immune system is an impressive and complex system of organs, tissues, cells and messengers with a variety of tasks. It protects us from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. But the immune system not only protects us from infections, it also distinguishes between the body's own cells and foreign cells and plays an important role in eliminating damaged cells. The immune system depends on the state of health of the body for its functioning.

The human immune system is not limited to one organ. The bone marrow, lymph vessels, spleen and thymus are organs involved in immune defence. The skin and mucous membranes also play an important role as anatomical barriers against the invasion of pathogens. The intestine, where the majority of all antibody-producing cells are located, forms the centre of the immune system. 

In its function, the immune system is dependent on a variety of factors. Medication or a weakened intestinal flora can be reasons for a weakened immune system. In contrast, a healthy diet with a sufficient supply of micronutrients, physical exercise and adequate sleep are prerequisites for a healthy immune system.

Vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B12 as well as iron, selenium and zinc are some of the many vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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