Healthy sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for health and well-being. Sleep is not only restful, but also vital for the regeneration of our body and the processing and storage of information in the brain.

Light sleep, deep sleep, and dream or REM sleep are different sleep phases that alternate during the night. During these phases, various hormones are released which activate regeneration processes, influence metabolism, and activate our immune system. Sufficient duration and quality of sleep are also of great importance for our mental performance and hormonal balance. 

Each person's need for sleep is highly individual. Lack of sleep and sleep disorders can lead to various complaints in the long term. In addition to good sleep hygiene (including sufficient exercise during the day and avoiding a heavy meal in the evening), vitamins, minerals and plant substances can also contribute to healthy sleep. Magnesium, for example, contributes to relaxation, and lavender, lime blossom and passion flower have calming effects.

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