Healthy ageing

We are all getting older. But how we age depends on various factors. Ageing is a natural process and a more or less continuous one, determined by genetic factors, external influences and lifestyle. However, individual ageing processes are heterogeneous and can be influenced by a healthy lifestyle.

In the course of life, functional tissue in our bodies changes into supportive tissue, with the result that the function of individual organs decreases. For example, the strength of bones and skin decreases, and the activity of the immune system is reduced. As one ages, chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease become more common. Oxidative stress, which increases with age, is one of the many factors that determine the ageing process.

But getting older is not necessarily negative, it means change. Growing old is different for each individual and how we age depends not least on ourselves. Living conditions and lifestyle play an important role; through a balanced and varied diet, exercise and mental activity, we can influence the ageing processes.

An optimal supply of micronutrients supports healthy ageing. Calcium and vitamin D are important building blocks for muscle and bone health in old age, minerals such as iodine and zinc support cognitive performance, essential fatty acids are important for normal heart function and blood pressure, and vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress.

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