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Our bones not only support our body, but also protect our organs, store minerals and are important for the formation of blood cells. Bones are living organs that are constantly renewing themselves and are able to adapt to changing stresses. For optimal bone and dental health, not only an adequate calcium intake is important.

Bone and dental tissues are composed of a hard inorganic substance (calcium-phosphate salts) and organic substances (mainly collagen). This tissue is constantly renewed, with a variety of nutrients and hormones playing a role.

Calcium is the main component of our bones, but magnesium and the trace elements manganese and zinc are also important for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption from the intestine and, together with vitamin K, is important for bone and tooth mineralisation. 

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen in the bones and our teeth as well as for maintaining healthy gums.

With a balanced diet and an adequate supply of nutrients, you can thus actively contribute to good bone and dental health.

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