Our ability to concentrate depends on our physical and mental state. It is not always easy to concentrate for a long period of time. When we are overtired or overworked, it is more difficult for us to concentrate. We are also exposed to a multitude of stimuli in everyday life. But you can increase your ability to concentrate!

When we concentrate, our entire attention is focused on a specific activity. In doing so, we use a network of specific brain areas, each with its own functions. Our ability to concentrate is influenced by a variety of factors. 

Relaxation, suitable conditions and regular concentration exercises can lead to an improvement in our ability to concentrate. In addition, we need energy and other important nutrients when concentrating. Galactose, or milk sugar, is an important insulin-independent energy source for the brain. It is also part of the sugar layer of all cell membranes and is important for the exchange of information between cells (including nerve cells).

With omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, minerals such as copper and iodine, and plant nutrients such as green tea extract and ginkgo biloba, you can also support the normal functioning of the nervous system.

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