Timeless and future-proof: the rebranding of Allvital

Timeless and future-proof: the rebranding of Allvital

Dear Mrs Heeringa, why was rebranding important for Allvital?

'The company has been around for 21 years and has grown significantly since then. Hardly any changes were made to the corporate identity during that time. That was not a problem for our existing customers. They still knew how to find us. But we noticed that it was more difficult to reach new target groups. Therefore, our branding needed an update. We wanted to lift Allvital to the present.'

How does the new branding help you?

'The food supplement market has seen enormous changes in recent years. We now face stiff competition. Everyone wants to jump on the healthy lifestyle trend, and food supplements are part of that. This competition makes consumers more discerning. In the past, we did not have to pay as much attention to the company's image. We had loyal customers who bought our products purely for their quality. New customers are more difficult to convince. The rebranding helps us to do that and makes our company future-proof.'

What is the most significant difference between the old and the new design?

'After having the same house style for 21 years, it had simply become outdated. The new design is both contemporary and timeless. We wanted the branding to be even more in line with the high quality of our products and to be appealing to both young and older target groups.'

What do you want to convey with the new branding?

'The high quality of our products should be more in the spotlight. We were also looking for a certain aesthetic that would clearly distinguish us from other brands. This is something seldom found in our industry. Moreover, as a company with mainly female employees, we highly value this aspect.’

What was the biggest challenge in the rebranding process?

'Primarily, it was finding a house style that was equally suitable for different media such as labels, print, and the web. In addition, we wanted to target new groups without losing our existing customers along the way. Finally, we also wanted to incorporate cultural differences as we operate in different countries. Finding the perfect balance in all these areas while remaining distinctive was always the biggest quest. With the result in hand, we can only say: we succeeded.'

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